Are You Using the Power of Metaphor to Stimulate Metacognition?

I really learn a lot from metaphors and enjoy searching for meaning from other things observable in my life. One of my favorite metaphors for thinking about the context of leadership is the roller coaster.

roller coaster

In the Monday blog post this week my good friend, Dr. Randy Spence, wrote these words:

All of us fail.

We fail in life. We fail in our relationships. We fail in the leadership of our organizations and ourselves.

The question is, do we learn from our failures?

Do we attempt to use failure as a mechanism for growth? Or do we allow failure to defeat us, squashing our ambition and our efforts?

If you have not read the post, Randy did a great job teasing out these questions. You can click here to check it out.

Powerful Questions

Randy asks some powerful questions for those of us who are experiencing the bottom of the coaster ride.

Here is where Randy’s question took me in my own leadership:

Is it safer if I stay in the trench of the coaster or do I climb back to the top?  

How quickly can I get over the self-pity of the trench and find the learning?

Do we enjoy the entire leadership ride or only when we are at the top?

What is the first step I need to take to be able to grow when I experience failure?

As you examine these questions, what 3 or 4 thoughts do they cause you to ponder?

What Does "Metacognition" Even Mean?

Simply, metacognition is thinking about thinking. In the example above, Randy’s powerful questions caused me to think about questions of my own. Hopefully, my questions spurred questions for you.

The great thing about questions is that they stimulate our thinking and creativity. Questions can really help you see the abundance that is all around you.

The power in the metacognitive question is in the journey of growth. There is no power in wallowing in self-pity and doubt. When we get to the questions about what we are to learn from our failing we can start the journey to abundance, back to the top of the coaster ride.

Have a great 4th of July holiday and be curious my friends.