Leadership Tip of the Week

Have you ever felt like you just needed to get away and think? If so, why not take a Personal Leadership Retreat? You can do it in about 4 hours, and I guarantee if you do it right you will come away from it with at least one of five things (maybe all five):

  • A feeling of being relaxed
  • A clear sense of purpose
  • A better idea of who you are as a leader
  • A new idea on how to solve a problem
  • A renewed motivation to achieve a goal

When you feel overwhelmed, tired, unfocused, or in a rut, there really is no substitute for getting away by yourself. Why not open your calendar right now, and before the end of this month block off 4 hours when you can get away?

In fact, here is an agenda you can follow that comes straight out of my “Minimalist Guide to a 4 hour Personal Leadership Retreat:"

Pre-work: Set ONE goal that you would like to accomplish at the end of the time.

8am - Arrive 8-9am - Bible Reading and Reflection 9-10am - Reflections on Leadership 10-11am - Nature Walk 11-11:45am - Leadership Issues that need to be resolved 11:45-noon - Final Reflection

For those of you who may need more structure, click here to download the step-by-step guide.

If you want some additional reasons to take a Personal Leadership Retreat, I have put together a short 2-minute video for you to watch.  You may view the video below.

If you do take a personal leadership retreat let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email.


PS. You might know someone who is in need of a personal leadership retreat. Why not forward the link to them? You may be the person they thank for helping them get unstuck.