My Public Declaration

Earlier this week I was feeling a bit stuck. I felt like there was something I wanted to articulate this week, but I was having a really hard time pulling it together. It felt like I was procrastinating. I had something that I needed to get done and I knew I needed to work on it, but it just wasn’t coming to me.

As I described the situation to my friend Joanne she said, “Are you sure you are procrastinating? Could it be that you are incubating?”

Now there was an interesting idea and perspective!

Joanne’s thought was that I had an idea that was just stewing around in my head but it wasn’t quite ready to come out yet. She suggested that I try a gratitude journal to see if that would help me break through.

Old typewriter with text gratitude

So I did, and here is what I wrote:

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For In this Season of Life

  • I had an amazing week this week!
    • On Saturday I spent the day facilitating a training with 50 leaders who examined their own emotional intelligence.
    • Monday I spent time with some amazing coaching clients.
    • Tuesday I facilitated a new workshop we are doing called “What You Know About Stress Is Killing You.”
    • Wednesday and Thursday I worked with some amazing young leaders, helping them process an emotional intelligence 360.
    • Friday I spent the day with my wife, Kim.
    • Saturday Kim and I ran in the Everglades Half Marathon.
    • Sunday we had an amazing day of worship at Grace River Church.
  • A body that allows me to still run and exercise.
  • Spending time in the morning with God.
  • Writing this blog.
  • A home without discord.
  • Kids who call me during the week to check in.
  • The picture I got from my Granddaughter this week that was drawn just for me.
  • Airplanes so I can work with cool people and see my boys & their families in Columbus and my daughter and her husband in Madrid.
  • My Team: Brandi, Gretchen, Amy, Rick, Tom, Joanne, & Tim.
  • My beautiful wife who is the most amazing, faithful woman I know.

What Gratitude Did for Me

After I finished my list, which took me less than 5 minutes to do and just flowed off the end of my pen, I had an amazing insight.

What had been incubating in my head were the great relationships I have! My family, my clients, my team, and all of you who take the time to read these words.

I am so thankful for all of you. It is you who make my life joyous and complete.

My thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support in 2016. May God richly bless you and your family this holiday season.


Since this is Thanksgiving week, you don’t have any homework from me. Enjoy your week with your family and friends.  If you're feeling ambitious this week, try creating your own Top 10 list of what you are thankful for. If you do this I encourage you to capture the emotion at the end of creating your list. How did expressing thanks make you feel? Now share this emotion with others. You will be glad you did!