The Single Most Important Factor in Leadership

Ok, so I know the title of this article may be a bit provocative and could set off a firestorm with some of my executive coaching colleagues and those who hold leader development close to their heart. Others of you may just not be wired to think in a way that this article is going to take you.

However, when I started this blog I told myself (and now am declaring it to you) that I would be true to two principles:

First, the leadership literature. I want to have my thoughts on leadership firmly grounded in what the research shows effective leadership to be based upon.

Second was to be true to what I believe. When I was launching the blog one of my coaching clients actually gave me this advice: “Scott just tell me what you think, this is what will compel me to read."

So before I tell you what I believe is the single most important factor in leadership...

How would you answer that question for yourself?

Go ahead and think for a moment. Write your response down.

Now let's compare ideas...

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