What is one thing that all leaders will have to do at some point in their leadership?

Change is inevitable. Whether a process needs updating, or new talent needs to be brought on the team. Maybe a sacred program needs to be updated or scrapped altogether. Perhaps a big purchase is being made, or some asset is being sold. No matter what the situation, people of all types and in all walks of life are faced with change.

How do all those affected by change see the innovation being implemented?  All of us react to change in different ways. These differences are brought out by the Change Style Indicator assessment. Whether you are very conservative and prefer change to be implemented slowly over time or you are a strong originator and like taking risks and dealing with uncertainty, knowing where a person fits along this continuum can be very valuable information. 

Where the individual is in the change cycle will ultimately determine how they respond. Making sure your client is in the appropriate change quadrant can make all the difference in the outcome you are trying to achieve. Some clients get stuck in the past, some have fear and anxiety about the future, others need to adjust how they think to be able to finish something they started.

The important thing for coaches is that your client gets a clear picture of the change that is needed AND that they understand where they currently are in the change process. The Change Navigator assessment allows you to provide your client with a picture of where they are in the change process and you can then align this with the change they need to make. This picture often makes it easier for clients to move to the next phase, ultimately completing the desired outcome.

 If people in the midst of change understand their preference for it, then the decisions that affect the change will be better positioned for improved outcomes. When things are not going right in a change or the change needed is just not being acted upon, rather than examining the process why not look at the players? If the Change Styles of those affected by the change are not aligned with they type of change being made then implementation can be affected.

What is the process? 

The Change Style Indicator / Change Navigator certification is a four step process: 

  1. Complete the mandatory online pre-work modules. 
  2. Schedule your 1-hour certification call.
  3. Successfully complete your 1-hour certification call with Dr. Scott Livingston.
  4. Receive access to the Change Style Indicator / Change Navigator assessment tool. 

When you purchase the Change Style Indicator / Change Navigator certification: 

  • Within (3) business days, you will receive a welcome email from our certification coordinator, as well as an email from Multi-Health Systems giving you instructions for accessing the portal that contains the mandatory pre-work.
  • Upon receiving access to the portal, you may begin completing your pre-work. The pre-work for the Change Style Indicator / Change Navigator certification will take approximately 1-hour to complete.
  • Upon completing your pre-work, you will contact our certification coordinator to schedule your 1-hour certification call with Dr. Scott Livingston. 

If you are ready to purchase the Change Style Indicator / Change Navigator certification, please click the green "purchase certification" button below. If you have further questions about the Discovery Leadership / Emerging Leader certification, please click here to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.