Why Get Certified?

These tools will allow you to come alongside leaders of all kinds to help them to see inside themselves so that no strength is underplayed and no weakness is swept aside. The beginning of personal growth is self-assessment, seeing oneself with sober judgement.

The Style Indicator and Change Navigator assessments will give your clients a better understanding of their personal values, and how those influence their personal leadership style and their approach to leading in the midst of changes going on around them.

The Emerging Leadership and Discovery Leadership profiles are targeted toward new leaders or those desiring to enter a leadership role. These tools will shed light on the emerging leader’s current level of workplace emotional intelligence, show them the core elements of leading others, and allow them to develop a plan for the future of their leadership-life.

The Influence Style Indicator will allow your clients to examine their current habits in the way they lead others. In doing so, they will be able to determine, with your help, the positive and negative ways these habits are affecting their followers, and create a plan for how to influence with a style that creates an environment of growth for the leader and their followers.  

Lastly, the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-360 will allow your clients to gain understanding about how to use emotional intelligence to adapt to the situation and make decisions based on a better understanding of themselves and others.