As a coach, one of your main focuses is helping your client achieve the change they desire.

You have been hired to facilitate whatever change the client is making. Perhaps they want a new career, or they want to be more effective in their current career, or quite possibly their effectiveness as a leader is being called into question. No matter what the situation or the scenario you find yourself in with your client, you need a place to start.

It is critical for you as a coach that you and the client have the same accurate beginning point for your coaching to start.

Feedback is essential for every leader! Without a solid understanding of the picture of where the client currently is as a leader, the development process will be hampered or stall. Each leader needs to have a firm understanding of what their leadership looks like to those around them so that the development process can begin.

The Discovery Leadership 360 is a tool designed to do just this with leaders who have a team in place. The Emerging Leadership 360 is designed to give feedback to leaders in your organization who show upward potential. These profiles solicit feedback electronically from the client, the supervisor, direct reports, and other relationships that are vital to the leaders success. This feedback is sought along a quantitative spectrum of leadership oriented competencies and are targeted to the specific leadership role or potential. There is also room for qualitative assessment so that there is some “audio” commentary to match the “visual” picture. These baseline assessments will allow a solid leader development plan to be written using feedback from the crucial leadership relationships that matter to your client.

What is the process? 

The Discovery Leadership / Emerging Leader 360 certification is a four step process: 

  1. Complete the mandatory online pre-work modules. 
  2. Schedule your 1-hour certification call.
  3. Successfully complete your 1-hour certification call with Dr. Scott Livingston.
  4. Receive access to the DLP / ELP 360 assessment tool. 

When you purchase the Discovery Leadership / Emerging Leader certification: 

  • Within (3) business days, you will receive a welcome email from our certification coordinator, as well as an email from Multi-Health Systems giving you instructions for accessing the portal that contains the mandatory pre-work.
  • Upon receiving access to the portal, you may begin completing your pre-work. 
  • Upon completing your pre-work, you will contact our certification coordinator to schedule your 1-hour certification call with Dr. Scott Livingston. 

If you are ready to purchase the Discovery Leadership / Emerging Leader certification, please click the green "purchase certification" button below. If you have further questions about the Discovery Leadership / Emerging Leader certification, please click here to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.